"Those who act while others are still talking are a big step ahead in life."

John F. Kennedy

Restructuring and Change

Strategy and Organizational Development

Process and Productivity Optimization

Project Management

Recruiting and Coaching of Executives



As an interim executive, I work alongside my clients on their projects, in the field of machine and plant engineering, frequently in challenging change situations, both at the first and second management level.

Very often, the task is a clear, ruthlessly honest analysis of the initial situation. I attach great importance to looking at the bigger picture and seeing behind the figures. I have an understanding of background, context and causes.

Unlike those who merely offer consultation, I benchmark myself both against the concept and the successful implementation.

I am called in whenever an external perspective is necessary, but also in situations when vacancies need to be temporarily filled. With my years of experience in machine and plant engineering, I can also offer the service of recruiting and coaching skilled personnel and executive staff.

My aspiration is always to choose a pragmatic approach, if necessary also using in-house resources. As a generalist, I am in a position to offer a particularly wide spectrum of services.

Andreas Lenz
Geschäftsführer | CEO

My strengths:

  • restructuring and change
  • strategy and organization
  • process and productivity optimization
  • project management
  • digital transformation
  • recruiting and coaching of executives



I can draw on a wide range of experience gained in over 20 years of operational experience at management level in machine and plant engineering.

My positions have ranged from family-run SMEs right through to venture capital / private equity financed companies.

I am familiar with both situations of strong growth and with restructuring processes.

I have proven and extensive experience in the following fields:

  • automation
  • heavy and special-purpose engineering
  • industrial plant engineering
  • assembly engineering
  • machine tool engineering
  • laser technology, including welding, cutting and additive processes
  • thermal cutting machines
  • industrial plants for the bakery industry
  • machines and plants for pipeline construction
  • heat transfer plants (boiler engineering)
  • biomass heating plants
  • water treatment plants



As an implementer, I take the deliberate decision to be integrated into the operative aspects of my clients’ projects – I go ahead and take the employees along with me on this journey. Decisive elements of success: a comprehensive analysis of the task in hand, coordinating changes with management and a transparent and sustainable implementation.

I critically question existing structures and processes – and also openly address awkward issues, always from my external point of view – thus contributing new perspectives and ideas to the project.

When implementing meaningful changes, it is important to have the employees on board. Here I attach great importance to coaching all skilled staff and executives involved as the project progresses.



Industrial engineer and welding engineer, with vocational training as industrial mechanic, since 2012 successfully working as an interim manager.

Before becoming self-employed, I successfully worked as a head of engineering, managing director and CEO in various fields of machine and plant engineering. This provided me with my wide-ranging wealth of experience.

My focus is on operational activity – right at the frontline. But figures and analysis are also fundamentals of my professional approach – background, context and causes are always very important to me. My experience has shown: you can only make the right decisions if you can correctly categorize and read data and understand their meaning.